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1st October 2008

Evaluation of SAP BI 7.0 Upgrade Banking
Today we'll evaluate the status of a banking BW 3.0B installation to be upgrated to NW2004s.
We'll compile the usual BI questionnaire and we'll check the landscape migration.

Credit Management Project on SAP BW - SAP ISU - SAP R/3
New interesting project on credit management area for a big energy company in ITALY. We have to realize a data model including FI-CA SAP ISU open and close items and SAP R/3 FI open and close items.
At the moment we are writing the business blueprint

SAP BI 7.0 integrationi with Business Object XI 3.0
We are designing an as-is data model about an existing system (we contributed to develop) in order to evaluate the replacement of some components of the actual model with SAP Integrator KIT for Business Object XI 3.0.

SAP BI 7.0 data loadings perfomance improvement
We are investigating some problem about support package 17 on BI 7.0 and we are discovering many interesting trips about configuration of dialogs, batchs and aggregates rollups.

Porting of a custom sales orders lead time on a core system
We are creating a new data model for logistic lead times based on a custom system (with custom datasources) on a new model based on standard 2LIS_xx datasources. We have many dates to manage luckly we know very well the existing data model.

Insurance SEM BPS Budget Project
Some months ago we started a very interesting project on a big insurance company in Italy and now we are analyzing a very interesting application requested by the key users to obtain a monitoring of all planning tasks with graphics interface (red and green lights for tasks to be done and done). We have shown this custom transaction to the user and he was very satisfied.

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